Is It True??

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day. We acknowledge not even 30,000 of them. Could all those thoughts we generate actually be the truth? Especially when those thoughts don’t make us feel good why do we want to hold onto them as if we have no say in the matter? 🧐

✨What do you think would happen if you took a moment and had the thought, Is It True? 

✨When someone says words to you and you have the thought, you ruined my day, ask yourself is it true? Did that person ruin your day? Or did you have a thought: my day is ruined and therefore you allow the day to be ruined? 

✨When your doctor gives you a diagnosis and you have the thought I will never survive this, is that true? Is it even a thought Do you believe that the thoughts you have or the stories you tell yourself are true? 

you want to keep? Or could you think? Not what I was hoping to hear And I may not know what comes next, but I will figure it out. 

✨When you trip and fall in front of a room full of people and you think I am so embarrassed I can never face these people again… Is it true? Yes, you may have thoughts that make you feel embarrassed, but is it true? Can you never face them again? Do they even care? Or could you think damn!! I fell and all the people around me are just worried I hurt myself 

We are not hapless victims to our thoughts. We have the power to actively choose what we think and how we feel about our thoughts. 

By asking yourself that one question, Is It True? You give yourself the gift of deciding how you want to think and feel about ANY situation in your life.

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