How To Make Today A Good Day Even When Yesterday Was Hard


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Yesterday was a hard day.

No shame in that. Right? Who doesn’t have the occasional hard day  ?

Whats wrong with allowing the hard day its front row seat ? 


Its what you do after the hard day that really matters. 

I have spent the last year creating days that are full, have meaning and are planned with intention 

Days weeks and months can pass in a good place. My mind body and soul.Then out of the blue I am hit with a serious bout of don’t want to get my ass of the couch. 

A totally unproductive day

A literal do nothing but binge watch tv and scroll social media 

And if there is nothing wrong with it why am I sharing it ? 

Because I know that sometimes one hard day has the potential to become many  hard days 

I also know that the same way I gave myself permission to have a hard day I can also give myself permission to have a great day 

I made the decision when I woke up this morning that today is a great day  

What did I do to make that happen? 

✨I took 10 minutes when my people  were still sleeping to do a guided meditation 

✨I journaled around what I want to do to have a good day

✨Made my food plan ⁣

✨And scheduled my day on the calendar, starting with make my bed all the way until I get back into that made bed tonight 

Its not only a schedule of tasks that must get done ⁣

I have blocked time for reading a 📖 Taking a 🚶 and even watching 📺 with steve after dinner 

By the time I had finished scheduling my day I felt calm, Centered and ready to have the great day I said it would be

Good days and bad days don’t just happen✨We allow them✨We create them

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